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Date: July 7, 2017

Topics: Legal / Regulatory, Payments, Technology

Global eCommerce Insider

Welcome to our new Global eCommerce Insider quarterly newsletter published by the U.S. Commercial Service, International Trade Administration.

Together with our Strategic Partners at the Getting to Global Initiative, we have aggregated content, resources and events relevant to the U.S. SME looking to sell more online, overseas.

Recent Activities

The eCommerce Innovation Lab (EIL) is invigorated as we enter this new phase of digital engagement with our clients. Our goal at the EIL continues to be delivering scalable self-service tools that help CS clients build their eCommerce export strategies.

It’s been a productive first half of 2017. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Recent in-person training session for CS colleagues: 

  1. Foreign Trade Association: Regulatory and Policy Launch – LA, CA
  2. Natural Products Expo West – CS Global Summit – Santa Ana, CA
  3. Global eCommerce Leadership Forum – NY, NY
  4. ShotShow, Las Vegas, NV
  5. Start-up Global, Seattle, WA
  6. Amex Grow Global, LA, CA
  7. GRIN Leadership Lab, NY, NY
  8. GRIN Leadership Lab, LA, CA
  9. Global Business Conference: Atlantic City, NJ
  10. eCommerce 101, Navajo Nation
  11. Global Retail Forum, NY, NY

Getting to Global is a public/private partnership that brings together thought-leaders in global ecommerce to create online content and resources profiling best-practices and services across three main verticals, B2B, B2C and Software as a Service companies. Here is a look at our work with a few Strategic Partners. Here we are running a lab at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.


Getting to Global Partners

B2C Retail & Branded Suppliers – In partnership with the Global Retail Insights Network we have developed the following:

The Global eCommerce Leadership Labs. The first lab took place in Los Angeles, CA this past January.  The second lab took place in New York City this past February. Both included participation from our local CS offices.

Register for our in-person Getting to Global eCommerce Lab at eBay NY – July 13th

Read more about the labs:

B2B Industrial Products Sales – Partnering with the MDCP grantee – Centers for International Trade and Development – Long Beach we are creating online coursework to guide industrial products B2B companies in building their online cross-border digital expansion strategy. This is a beta version meant only for gathering your input and not for judgment. Dive in for free and offer your feedback  here.

Software as a Service products – In partnership with the Foundation for American Science and Technology’s CyberUSA initiative, we are developing content and tools to support online exports of software and cloud-based solutions. Stay tuned for more information.

Getting to Global Interview Series

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To date the EIL and its industry partners have produced and curated 40+ videos as part of the Getting to Global Initiative that are accessible on the industry-owned Getting to Global website and will soon be accessible on the website, pending 508 compliance, subject to resource availability.

Upcoming Webinars

Getting to Global Webinar Series

Simply put, this series will help you sell more online, overseas. Whether you are selling apparel, luxury goods, B2B industrial products, consumer goods, software solutions or packaged foods, if you want to increase your online sales and engagement with overseas clients, this webinar series is for you.

Register for our upcoming webinars here:

June 14th – Getting to Global: eCommerce Marketing 101
This webinar will take a deep dive look at identifying market opportunities, building your digital brand, and choosing the right channel mix.  Register for this free webinar here. Guest speakers from Paul Stuart, and Harley Davidson.

July 19th – Getting to Global: eCommerce Marketing 102
This follow up webinar will continue the discussion on aspects of eCommerce marketing.  In this session we’ll cover pricing your products and managing after sales service.  Guest speakers will from iGlobal Stores and Saludos International.  Register here.

June 15th Winning Strategies for eCommerce Sales in China & India
The key to growing a global online business is to develop your local knowledge and network.  The Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN) is organizing this U.S. Department of Commerce Certified Trade Mission to expedite your understanding of the two most vital eCommerce countries in the world, India and China. The goal of the mission is to introduce you to the top experts and retailers, while developing core knowledge of the local consumer journey.  To learn more about the mission register here to join us for this informational webinar.

The China/India eCommerce/Retail Trade Mission (Sept 2017)

eCommerce Retailer’s Certified Trade Mission to China and India

ITA and the EIL have just certified this trade mission to China and India, led by the Global Retail Insights Network

Industry Insights

The total size of the delegation will be a maximum of 15 companies and we anticipate strong interest. Apply now through the GRIN Labs and explore use of STEP funding in your State to support your involvement.

Contact Commercial Service Senior Trade Specialist Cynthia Torres ( to learn more or join us on our next informational webinar.

In each newsletter, we offer an opportunity for the Getting to Global partners to profile free reports, insights and tools that we believe are relevant for your global online expansion. Here are some from our recently signed partner, Google. In the lead-up to a new joint-initiative between Google and ITA, we would like to share a few resources Google has offered to date:

  1. An alpaca rancher in Idaho now sells yarn to hundreds of thousands of customers in thirty countries; a Brooklyn artisan took the motto “Made in America” to new heights; a North Carolina Army vet started an outdoor store that today generates $50 million in annual sales. You can read about your state’s success story at
  2. Collection of articles and videos in the Google Advertiser Community regarding how to go global with Google.
  3. Compare search volume patterns for your products or services across regions and time frames.
  4. The Consumer Barometer tool provides insights into how consumers use online and offline media during their journey from research to purchase. It allows you to analyze trends in purchase behavior across 39 different countries.
  5. Google launches a Get Your Business Online Initiative to ensure the web works for as many small businesses as possible, including via our 50-state Get Your Business Online initiative.
  6. Google for Entrepreneurs and their supplier diversity program brings“bring together startup communities and create spaces for entrepreneurs to learn and work.”

Check out some of our partner videos and blog posts:

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FlipKart buys eBay India and Jeff Bezos says “it’s day one for India’s eCommerce market.”  Start to decipher what this means for your growth via our interview with U.S. Commercial Service (ITA) Trade Specialist in Mumbai, India, Jigna Mehta.

“Through assessing the deep pool of data insight, retailers can avoid the all-too-often promotional knee-jerk reaction, which, according to DynamicAction’s Retail Index was up 85% YoY for 2016 in North America. That leads to reduction in profits and trains customers to wait for a deal rather than purchasing at full price.” Read and watch more:

“China’s new eCommerce law was released and then put on hold this year. It is up for review again in August so, like so much of the China experience, nothing is set in stone, until it is.

But to keep up to speed, here is a review of the draft law.”

“How to embed a check-out counter on your site to build your global website incrementally, mitigate risk and test the waters.”

An interview with Clint Reid, CEO and Founder of iGlobalStores.

How a Napa winery sells into China?
EIL Director Josh Halpern catches up with Rich Salvestrin, owner of Salvestrin Winery and the partner firm that has helped them on their journey led by Adam Ivor, Co-Founder of  Gliding Eagle was just awarded an Export Achievement Certification from the U.S. Commercial Service. They discuss how an historic winery with little brand recognition in China can start selling direct to Chinese consumers and build their brand. They also talk about the harvest, how to crush grapes and how to get roosters to crow! Watch here:

Rachel Roy goes to Canada
Lisa Dominish, Director of eCommmerce, manages online retail for the New York-based fashion brand Rachel Roy Lisa recently brought Rachel Roy online into Canada. Watch & read more:

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