Everything Looks Better in 360 Degrees – Jeff Hunt of Snap 36 Sets Your Overseas Customers at Ease

Date: May 16, 2017

Topics: Everything Looks Better in 360 Degrees – Jeff Hunt of Snap 36 Sets Your Overseas Customers at Ease, Marketing, Technology

Ask any brick and mortar retailer how they are surviving the dawn of the eCommerce era and they’ll immediately tell you the customer will always prefer seeing and feeling the product over an online photo. After all, a picture only tells you one side of the story, literally.

But what if a picture tells you 360 degrees of that story? Sure, it doesn’t replace holding and trying on an item in a store, but with eCommerce returns becoming more pain-free, online retailers may not need to entirely replicate the brick and mortar experience. They may just need to incrementally increase their customers’ confidence enough for them to place that order.

Making it easier to provide better product details

That’s what Jeff Hunt, CEO of Snap 36 , provides with his service by fully capturing all angles of a product  and producing an online (desktop and mobile) experience that makes viewing a 2D online catalogue feel like you’re going back to playing Breakout on your Attari . It may be good for a laugh, but unfortunately nostalgia doesn’t translate when it comes to an online consumer experience.

With the proliferation of cross-border eCommerce sellers, improving on your ability to transfer that buying confidence to the overseas consumer makes a huge difference. Right now, many of my clients do this through translated text, 2D photos and the occasional shot of a “local-looking” consumer using their product. But now they may be able to send home their United Nations of models, stop paying the local exchange student for translation, and focus on simply showing their products in full 360 detail to their overseas consumer.

Technology offers solutions for better overseas conversion rates

Of course, Snap 36 is certainly not the only company to provide this service and there are services that go a step further, providing 360 video of someone wearing or holding your products. There are even virtual reality immersive retail experiences coming out from companies like Strata.

So the point of this interview is to provoke thought around ways to increase conversion rates with overseas shoppers and help build awareness that the price-points are becoming within reach for even the smaller end of our SME spectrum.

Check out the video to find out the answer to some of these questions. What does having interactive 360 photographs mean for conversion rates? How important is it for overseas consumers? And how do you actually take those shots that spin, zoom, and peak inside products?


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