Export Connect 2.0

Date: January 15, 2020


Our team has been working hard in the past few months to create better tools and improve the ones we have. Not even a year after our official launch, I’m happy to announce that we’re already working on Export Connect 2.0! (Check version 1.0 here)
Here’s what we have planned for our members:


We are working on an advertising strategy to boost our viewers and bring more visitors. Our statistics show that, on its own, our website does a good job with search engines, but we’d like to push it to the next level. Stay tune!


We have a full team of developers working on major improvements to Export Connect. We will be delivering a few major upgrades.

  • Improved profile pages. We’ve completely redesigned the profile pages so they look better, no matter how long the description is. The new format will also put more emphasis on our member’s expertise to help them attract the right visitors.
  • New profile management portal. We’ll offer a whole new profile management page, similar to LinkedIn. The edits will be shown in real time using a visual representation of the live profile.
  • Profile statistics. Our members will now be able to access stats about their visitors. Our reports will be in real time and easy to understand.
  • Improved targeting of exporters. We want our members to be able to provide more information about the exporters they wish to be introduced to. For example, larger firms might wish to engage with larger companies that are willing and able to afford their rates. Or vice-versa.
  • Contact forms with rich profiles. In addition to adding a contact form, our members will receive more complete profile information when a signed-in exporter contacts them via the portal (target countries, industry sectors, products/services exported, etc.).


We are working with our private partners like Google, eBay, and Facebook to bring exclusive offers directly to our members.


Getting to Global joined forces with new partners like the State International Development Organization (SIDO), the California International Trade Centers (CITC), and the World Trade Center Los Angeles (WTCLA) to launch state-centric export marketplaces. We are very happy to announce that all members of Export Connect who wish to do so will automatically become visible on these new platforms without having to pay a dollar extra.







We’ll be announcing the new updated platform on social media and by email. So stay tune!

You’d like to know more about our services? Just email us at info@export-connect.org.


Aycha Fleury
Content Editor, Getting to Global