Global goes to, next stop NRF’s Retail’s Big Show

Date: December 13, 2017

Topics: Global goes to, next stop NRF’s Retail’s Big Show

Getting to Global descended on’s Retail’s Digital Summit this Fall to talk all things global.

NRF’s Retail’s Big Show has partnered with the Getting to Global Initiative, now one of the largest public/private partnerships in the U.S. with partners such as Facebook, Google, eBay, Pitney Bowes and USPS to host Getting to Global’s Global Influencer Open Studios at the show.

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Building on the success of the Getting to Global Interview Series, GtG creator and host Josh Halpern and Carl Miller, Managing Director of the Global Retail Insights Network will be holding court throughout the week starting January 13th from 2-5 at the Javits Center where they will be interviewing thought leaders and brands in global retail to share their insights.

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Past appearances:

For globally aspiring brands: The Getting to Global Initiative and the Global Retail Insights Network curate insights from companies who have taken their business global. Learn from the leaders in the space about what is and isn’t working for them and determine actionable takeaways. This unique broadcast will uncover real insight from leading experts across the value chain.

For thought leaders, global brands and experts: If you are an influencer (brand or industry expert) with a strong perspective on global growth, click on register here and schedule your slot in the open studios. It is FREE for the right influencers, so register today. Content will be posted on the GtG Facebook and Youtube channels and visiting influencers’ channels.

Creator & Host: Josh Halpern, Executive Director, the Getting to Global Initiative

Executive Producer: Carl Miller, Managing Director, Global Retail Insights Network