Mom & Pop Shop Runs SAP – Tyler Merritt on SAP Anywhere’s Support of SMEs

Date: April 25, 2017

Topics: Mom & Pop Shop Runs SAP – Tyler Merritt on SAP Anywhere’s Support of SMEs, Logistics, Marketing, Technology

When I hear the name SAP, I have always thought about a service provider that caters to large companies to build out expansive and sophisticated sites. However, when I caught up with Tyler Merritt at SAP, he filled me in on a new set of tools from SAP targeted at providing a suite of services for small and medium enterprises.  He also revealed that 80 percent of their client-base is actually made up of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

Tools and trends 

My chat with Tyler delved into why SAP wants companies to leverage a combined platform tool set called SAP Anywhere that combines marketing, CRM, customer service, inventory and fulfillment and order processing. Tyler gave me the analogy of buying a set of wrenches – you are getting all the wrenches you need for any job you might encounter. In comparison, he likened many of the other solutions of today as cobbled together, redundant, and more expensive.

We also were able to talk more broadly about trends like the use of social media influencers and brand ambassadors, and topics such as the factors involved in setting up a website, data integration between systems, and how website services should all fit together. Ecommerce tools aside, I also managed to encounter a “mentalist” at the SAP visit, who (spoiler alert!) reads my mind, while Tyler watched on in jest.

It’s not all about enterprises

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