How Revolve evolved into an international retail juggernaut – First in the series – The make-over

Date: September 25, 2017

Topics: Logistics, Marketing, Payments, Technology

For Getting to Global’s latest interview series, we met up with the folks at Revolve, one of the fastest-growing apparel retailers in the world. Founded in 2003, the online-only, multi-brand company primarily targets stylish millennials around the globe. The site carries more than 500 brands for women and men, and sells to over 200 countries worldwide.

In the first of three video interviews, we spoke with a handful of Revolve employees, including Producer Alexa Rizk, Senior Director of Customer Experience Heather Burke, Branding Director Anna Tran and VP of International Kai Li. They gave us a broad overview of the company, including some background about Revolve’s international website and its global payment capabilities and after-sales services. We also called on Eric Asence, Revolve and FWRD’s Lead Men’s Stylist to bring Host Joshua Halpern into the modern world.

Revolve’s brands include a luxury offering, FORWARD by Elyse Walker, as well as the Alliance Apparel Group, which includes the brands Lovers + Friends, Tularosa, NBD and RAYE. “The goal is, feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, and feel beautiful, and love what you’re wearing,” Burke said.

Interestingly, Burke told us that while the company’s return rate has risen over time, Revolve believes that’s a good thing. “Obviously, for us, it’s more important to get the product in the house,” she said. “There may be cases for us where we view it as a win that the customer is buying more and getting that into their home.

Watch the next in the Revolve Series coming out next week.

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