Cowgirls wrestle the proverbial overseas consumer cow

Date: November 30, 2016

Topics: Cowgirls wrestle the proverbial overseas consumer cow, Legal / Regulatory, Technology

While at the National Retail Federation (NRF)’s Retails Digital Summit Event in Texas, mind you, I found myself in an interesting coversation with two self-proclaimed cowgirls, Lisa Dominish and Cheryl Amaya. I should confess that, had we been anywhere else in the world, the whole “cowgirl” thing would never have entered into our discussion. But after a few minutes with Lisa and Cheryl I get the impression neither of them would have any trouble herding consumers in their direction.

Lisa Dominish, who works as Director of eCommmerce managing online retail for the New York-based fashion brand Rachel Roy, recently brought Rachel Roy online into Canada. She did so in part with the help of Cheryl Amaya’s team at WebLinc, which has been their web platform service provider.

Here we talk through some of the steps that were needed in making their website ready for their Canadian debut. How difficult is it to enter a new market? What type of preparation and in-house support is required from the retail team? What does this type of platform provide?

Stay tuned for many more videos as we look at the different online selling tools that retailers are using and the steps they are taking to sell more online, overseas.