Don’t touch me! – Retailers find a “non-handsy” way to measure us. It’s a data collective.

Date: March 21, 2017

Topics: Marketing, Technology

As invasive yet titillating as home body scanning sounds to us, we thought we would explore the alternatives in the online virtual try-on struggle. So we caught up with William Adler, CEO of True Fit at Retail’s Digital Summit to talk about what he calls a “data collective” that brings retailers’ sizing, style and preference data together to enable online customers to determine what style or size will fit and flatter them in a brand they have never actually tried on before.

This is particularly helpful when selling to overseas consumers who want to be confident about their purchasing. How are overseas shoppers going to feel confident purchasing clothing from a retailer who is thousands of miles away? While providing accurate sizing support online is a problem that impacts everyone in the industry, it is particularly relevant to our cross-border retail clients.


We spoke with him about what exactly the True Fit technology is, how it works, and why they work with retailers. Some of the questions that we tackled relate to how they use the data that retailers create in a meaningful way. What is the best way to approach sizing for the consumer? How do you organize the data to translate it across cultures? What percentage of the market is digital and how fast is it growing? How can retailers increase confidence to change from browse to buy? How do you increase conversion and reduce return rates?

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