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US exporters can take advantage of many different state, federal, and regional grants to support their export activities. Below you will find grant programs that will help you pay for multiple aspects of your global strategy such as preparing your products for global regulatory compliance, designing packaging, going on trade missions, meeting with distributors overseas, re-tooling your manufacturing, optimizing your website and building and paying for your digital marketing campaigns. Each region or state grant may have different terms and procedures so make sure you check which grants and stipulations apply to you based on your company’s headquarters.

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The State Regional Trade Groups

FAS supports four State Regional Trade Groups (SRTGs), which in turn assist U.S. companies with creating and expanding export markets for value-added food and agricultural products. These non-profit organizations work closely with state Departments of Agriculture and offer services including: exporter training and education, analysis of export markets and opportunities, trade shows and buying missions, and support for international marketing campaigns and product promotion activities.
All promotional activities conducted by the SRTGs are coordinated with FAS’s Washington and overseas offices and most are funded through the Market Access Program.

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WUSATA 2019 FundMatch

The Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) is a non-profit organization aimed at increasing the export of U.S. food and agricultural products. WUSATA works closely with each state department of agriculture in the west to enhance the economic well-being of the region. For more than 35 years, we have offered programs and services to assist exporters of food and agricultural products. WUSATA is funded by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), dues from its member states, and administrative fees paid by private companies.
Our organization promotes U.S. food and agricultural products through three intersecting program tracks — FundMatch, Global Connect, and Export Education

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SUSTA 2019 CostShare

SUSTA is a non-profit trade association aimed at increasing the export of U.S. food and agriculture products. SUSTA works closely with each State Department of Agriculture in the south to enhance the economic well-being of the region. Through the Market Access Program (MAP) 50% CostShare, SUSTA can reimburse up to 50% of eligible international marketing expenses aimed at increasing your exports.

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Food Export Midwest & Food Export Northeast 2019 Branded Program

Food Export–Midwest and Food Export–Northeast are non-profit organizations comprised of state agricultural promotion agencies that use federal, state, and industry resources to promote the export of Midwestern and Northeastern food and agricultural products. We are dedicated to supporting U.S. suppliers whose business strategy includes promoting their branded food and agricultural products in overseas markets.

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State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant

The State Trade and Export Promotion Grant Program (STEP) is a 3-year pilot trade and export initiative to make matching-fund grants for states to assist “eligible small business concerns,” enter and succeed in the international marketplace. Services under the STEP Program are funded in part by SBA, but are provided to eligible small business concerns – or “STEP Clients” – by STEP grant recipients located in most states and territories, and the District of Columbia.

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