Gliding Eagle

By GTGadmin December 21, 2017

A technology company at heart, Gliding Eagle has a core mission of bridging the gap between consumers and manufacturers in the global commerce market. Counterfeit product damages brand reputation and reduces consumer confidence, especially in Asian markets, and any customer using our services can be assured they are purchasing an authentic product as it is verified as coming directly from the manufacturer. We apply an authentication label to each individual product that has an unique 12-digit sequence and QR code that the consumer can scan to witness the entire provenance from manufacturer to their front door, as well as gain access to translated information on that product.
With a current emphasis on California wineries, Gliding Eagle’s logistical structure is applicable towards any manufacturer looking to expand their business into global trade and currently provides delivery and authentication services in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Macau with new territories continuing to open, including beyond Asia. Gliding Eagle utilizes blockchain technology and global partnerships so that each of the brands we represent is accessible in all areas of the globe, including within the “Great Firewall of China”.
It is our vision to redefine global trade in such a way as to create FULL TRANSPARENCY for all product using our services on levels accessible for all parties involved, including consumers, carriers, and governmental agencies. By being able to scan the outside of a container, a customs agent can immediately access all information on what’s inside that container (product, quantity, pricing, origin, BOL, export/import filings, etc), thus helping streamline clearance systems and reducing transit times on a global scale.
The end goal for Gliding Eagle is for any customer from anywhere in the globe to be able to order any product from any partnering manufacturer and have it delivered within three business days. Ambitious? Yes… but then again, no incredible advances involve a lack of vision or ambition.


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