Introducing the new Investment and Trade Promotion platform

Introducing the new Investment and Trade Promotion platform

Getting to Global is happy to support the launch of a new platform for trade and investment promotion organizations!

Trade and Investment Promotion Platform

This new platform was created to help trade and investment promotion organizations navigate the deep and dark waters of the post-pandemic recovery. With data, analysis, policy efforts, and best practices, the platform provides valuable insight on how to upgrade your organization’s offer in order to deliver well-targeted and high quality services to businesses.

We are changing the way we do and think international business. Technologies and new realities such as COVID-19 are affecting investment and trade flows and are requiring that we change how we think our services. We want our platform to become a central point for all trade and investment organizations wishing to better serve their clients and to help them adapt more easily to our even changing world.

The platform will give you access to a sea of relevant information:

  • Discover what new investment and trade measures were implemented by countries of your interest.
  • Watch the latest trends in trade and investment promotion practices.
  • Get insights on what your fellow TIPOs have been up to and what challenges they face.
  • Discover how TIPOs are rethinking their processes with innovative solutions.
  • See what digital tools are available to help you perform tasks such as market access, market scans, etc.
  • Look for more IPAs and TPOs with our contact database.
  • Read academic articles on investment and trade.
  • Discover new mechanisms to promote cooperation between different actors.

The overall purpose of this initiative is to bring together all TIPO actors in their joint efforts to promote investment and trade. We hope to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration. Ana Grujovic, Editor in Chief of the Trade and Investment Platform explains:

“Our digital platform will serve as the central point for TIPOs wishing to learn how they can keep promoting trade and investment in the post-pandemic business world. The effects of COVID-19 on investment and trade flows urge for more collaboration between business organizations to build a sustainable and prosperous future. And we believe the platform can help us achieve that.”

See the Trade and Investment Promotion platform here or follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn at @PromotionTrade