About Us

We are trade and technology experts

We've spent years building a team and a network to help us find innovative solutions that empower the work of experts in the field.

Our Story

At Getting to Global, our mission is to build and deploy innovative technology solutions and programs that multiply the impact of leading economic development, trade, and investment organizations around the world.

We deliver unique technologies that make trade and investment organizations more efficient.

We started as an educational platform, offering training, insights and best practices in online global strategy. But as we were growing and talking with organisations and agencies from all over the world, we came to realize how our experience and network could be put to better use. And that is how Getting to Global became the umbrella for a set of tools and platforms that help trade and investment organizations multiply their impact. Today, we partner with a range of private and public organizations to help create a more connected world.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of international trade, investment, and technology experts working tirelessly to empower organizations and governments to support their local economies.

Working with our clients

Program Managers

Program managers work with our partners to deliver long-term projects that range from digital transformation to tech platforms.

Build next-generation trade tools

Product Developers

Our product design and development team is responsible for building all the tools in the Getting to Global software platform.

Supporting your clients

Trade Specialists

Our trade specialists help our clients and our own team understand the complexities and challenges of global trade and investment.


Joshua Halpern

Chairman and founder, Getting to Global Initiative

Patrick L. Perreault

CEO, Getting to Global

Simona Racek

Director - Global Trade

Lina Azzoug

Consultant - Internationalization Strategies

We build connections with public and private partners

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