About Us

Who We Are

Getting to Global works with trade and investment promotion organizations and agencies to bring to market tools and resources companies need to go global more effectively.

Going global isn’t an easy task. Our mission at Getting to Global is to aggregate and consolidate all the data, resources, and expertise small and medium enterprises need to achieve faster growth abroad, in a simplified way. Through our partnerships with trade promotion organizations already in the field to bring these tools and resources to their networks of exporters.

We started not to long ago as an educational platform, offering training, insights and best practices in online global strategy. But as were growing and talking with entrepreneurs from all over the world, we came to realize how our experience and network could be put to better use. And that is how Getting to Global became the umbrella for a set of tools and one platform to help small and medium enterprises go global. Today, we partner with a range of private and public organizations like Google, Alibaba, Ebay, the NCBFAA, and many others. With all these resources in hand, we create the tools needed to go global and grow.

The Getting to Global Platform

Getting to Global is more than just a website. We offer a platform for small and medium enterprise, as well as trade and investment promotion organizations, to promote themselves and their services and find the resources they need. And that’s our Export Connect platform. The one platform to go global.

But we didn’t stop there. Entrepreneurs and companies’ owners of all kinds use our Duties and Taxes Calculator to avoid bad surprises when shipping internationally. Or they find our Market Accelerator and discover what markets await them to expand and start growing.

Our platform and tools are not static. We will keep growing so our clients never have to look somewhere else.